Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007
I had a nice chat with my hairdresser yesterday and got caught up with her. She's been cutting my hair probably ten years or more! Went to Wal-Mart afterwards to get things we needed and then ate lunch. I then answered phone calls and made a few. Quilt club members wanting to see what food I am bringing for Wednesday to our Christmas party. Then I got to quilt. I didn't get quite done, so this morning I will get back in there and finish up.
My daughter-in-law called to say that she had to Mason to the doctor; he cried during the night and was screaming yesterday morning. His ear infection had still not cleared up from the week of Thanksgiving. SO more medicine. He didn't cry at all with us. But that is exactly how his daddy did when he was baby. I will call today to check on them.
I need to make a phone call to my DD to finalize plans for Christmas. Man, when the kids are "all growed up" Christmas is not simple anymore. You have multiple families to plan around. But it is just planning and we will "get r done".
Here is what I am taking Wednesday for our party.
Cranberry Relish
1 pound fresh cranberries
1 navel orange
2 large red apples
2 cups sugar (adjust to taste)
1 cup nuts, chopped ( I use pecans)
Wash cranberries and sort through. Wash oranges and apples. Process in food processor until nicely chopped. Add sugar and nuts. Stir to combine. Store in refrigerator. The longer this sits the better. Good with ham and turkey or even vanilla ice cream!
found in Texas Co-op Power sent in by Vera Elkins
See you later.

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